Arizona Pool Service Swimming Pool Filters

Filter Cleans

The swimming pool filter catches all the dirt and grime from your pool and it sticks in your filter. Your clean pool water runs through this filter before returning water to the pool. Another reason you need to clean your pool filter is that a dirty pool filter cannot run efficiently causing higher electric bills, wearing out your pool equipment faster and causing more swimming pool repairs.

How often should I Clean my Pool Filter?

Clean your cartridge pool filters every 4-6 months. There is no way to “backwash” a cartridge pool filter, therefore it’s imperative you remove the pool filter and CLEAN it every 4-6 months.

DE Pool Filters

DE Pool Filters should be Back washed once a month. Inspect and clean your DE filter grids every 6 months

Sand Pool Filters

Sand Pool Filters should be back washed as needed. Change the sand in your sand pool filter every 3-5 years.

***Backwashing is the term used for reversing the flow of water through the filter to flush out the dirt and debris that has collected in the filter.