Scottsdale Pool Service and Pool Repair

Scottsdale Pool repairI know, I know… pool services are a dime a dozen, their trucks, poles, and nets all look the same…

So what makes US so different?

Good question! I’m glad you asked. When you hire us, of course you’ll get Crystal Clear Pool Water

Arizona Pool Service is built on the principles of providing quality service and reliablility We are a BBB member.

I have been a professional Pool Service 15 years, and in that time, my overall unique services has set the standard from which many other company’s copy.  My track record in this business speaks for itself. This is not my hobby or part time job. I am a fulltime Pool Service Tech. We are Family Own And operated.


Using only the finest industrial-strength pool chemicals and materials, Arizona Pooll Service maintains your water clarity and sanitation while providing complete cleaning service for your pool. We remove all debris from your pool , brush where necessary and maintain your filtration system. We routinely eliminate phosphate and metal build up. We add the best water clarifier on the market to aid in filtration and to make your water sparkle. We inspect all pool systems

Scottsdale Weekly Pool Cleaning includes:

  • Backwash filter if needed
  • check and adjust water chemistry.
  • skim pool surface, vacuum pool bottom(when needed), brush pool walls.
  • empty all baskets skimmer/pump, load chemical feeders,
  • check and inspect equipment.

Scottsdale Pool repair


Filters Replaster
Pumps and Motors Remodel
All Automatic Pool Cleaners Acid Washing/Chlorine bath
Timers DE/Cartridge Filter Cleaning
Heaters Tile Cleaning (glass bead method)
All Salt Chlorinators Sand Changes
Plumbing Leaks Salt Cell Cleaning
Rebar/Plaster Patch
Grind/Sanding for Calcium Nodules


Zip codes:

 85250, 85251, 85252, 85254, 85255, 85256, 85257, 85258, 85259, 85260, 85261, 85262, 85266, 85267, 85271.

Scottsdale is a city in the eastern part of Maricopa County, Arizona, United States, adjacent to Phoenix.,_Arizona


  • The city is 184.2 square miles, stretching 31 miles from North to South
  • Elevation ranges from 1,277 feet to 4,789 feet above sea level.
  • The weather is gorgeous! An average of 328 days of sunshine and 9 inches of rain per year. Average min and max temperatures are 53°F to 86°F.
  • The largest employers are Scottsdale Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, and General Dynamics.


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