Acid Wash, Chlorine Wash

Acid Wash

Acid Washing is done by emptying the pool and spraying it with a small, diluted amount  of special acid. This acid will remove a thin   layer of pool plaster and the mineral buildup that is coating the top of the plaster to reveal a bright, new layer of plaster underneath

This process is quite safe when done by an experienced professional swimming pool tech. But the process can be very destructive to your pool if completed incorrectly.

Make sure that whoever you choose to acid wash your pool, knows what they are doing.

The most common problem that inexperienced pool technicians have is over acid washing your pool and spa. This occurs when the technician either leaves the acid on the pool walls too long, the weather it too hot or they use too strong a concentration of acid.

The result of over acid washing can be as small as an undesired color in the plaster or pebble-tec or it can be as severe as flaking or
chipping plaster which is noticeable a week or two after you have refilled your swimming pool.

Chlorine Wash

chlorine wash goes hand in hand with a Green Pool Cleaning Service. During a chlorine wash we drain the entire pool with an electric pump. The pump has an auto shut off so the customer doesn’t have to be home or do anything during the pool drain process.  We set the pump up, normally in the afternoon, then let it run overnight and come back the next morning to work.

During the chlorine wash we use several gallons of liquid chlorine which we pour directly onto the pool surface.  We scrub the entire pool with the chlorine which kills and disinfects all contaminants including hidden algae spores.  This is an effective treatment for swimming pool algae removal. Our chlorine is full strength, not diluted.  The chlorine wash cleans the surface of the pool very well, removing dirt and some stains.

The Chlorine Wash is great for swimming pools with any kind of algae problem and is highly recommended for all green pools.